Hi. My Name Is Chris.

I am an engineering leader and technology executive adept at software engineering, product management, and business strategy. I love building products and companies. I wake up excited for it, and pass out exhausted from it.

I strive to achieve the following in my professional life: surround myself with astute, positive, opinionated people; be challenged and make an impact every day; improve my team in any way possible; work on meaningful things and solve problems that are worth solving; have fun.

I embrace change, so much so that when I feel stale I intentionally jolt my system to alter my surroundings. I don't sit still very well. I'm sure this drives my family insane.


Incredibly Important Facts.

A super long time ago I sang in a punk band. If I could plot coolness over time, this phase might end up being my peak. Perhaps someday I'll challenge it; math says otherwise.

I own a lot of eyewear. How many frames? I have sixteen pairs of glasses. Sixteen. Every morning, contemplating the day's pair, I shake my head fully acknowledging how utterly ridiculous this is.

I'm addicted to snowboarding. I started skateboarding again, figuring it'd be easier to do on a whim. It's not the same. The fact that I sort of suck at skateboarding isn't helping.

I hit a hole-in-one once. I'm not a very good golfer. I hold it over my brother's head; he's an excellent golfer. This achievement is immortalized on a plaque, with my name, misspelled, in a lodge.